13 Words of Wisdom from Buddha That’ll Make You Feel Lighter

13 Words of Wisdom from Buddha That’ll Make You Feel Lighter


As far as organised religions go, Buddhism seems to me to make the most sense. Basic Buddhist teaching emphasises that nothing is permanent, change is always possible, you should always avoid violence, reject dogma and that all actions have consequences. Awareness of the realities of the world, kindness towards your fellow man and accumulating wisdom is the aim of the game with the ultimate winning move being the achievement of Enlightenment.

Over 2500 years ago, Buddha, or Siddhartha Gautama sat under a Bodhi tree and vowed to stay there until the ultimate meaning of life came to him. And, so the story goes, it did. Here ‘The Enlightened One’ shares 11 words of wisdom that will instantly make you feel lighter.


Wisdom from Buddha 01

The Buddhist ‘middle way’ emphasizes a life of balance, not a life characterised by extremism. The path towards enlightenment should be walked at a calm and steady pace.

Wisdom from Buddha 02

2500 years before Frozen, Buddha was urging us all to let it go.

Wisdom from Buddha 03

Taken from the Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha.

Wisdom from Buddha 04

The path towards Enlightenment must be walked alone.

Wisdom from Buddha 05

Ever hated someone so much you felt like you were Jaws and you could just bite them in half? Buddha says, let it go.

Wisdom from Buddha 06

Insomniacs, marathon runners and clowns in need of spiritual guidance should look to Buddhism.

Wisdom from Buddha 07

Amen. I mean, Namaste?

Wisdom from Buddha 08

Be your own refuge makes absolute sense to me. Don’t waste time praying to a ghost in the sky to make your life better.

Wisdom from Buddha 09

Re-invention is everything. Just ask Madge.

Wisdom from Buddha 10No excuse, people. The devil’s got nothing to do with it.

Wisdom from Buddha 11

Stop looking upwards for the answers and start looking inwards.











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