7 Words for Those Intense Feelings of Pleasure We Could Never Explain

7 Words for Those Intense Feelings of Pleasure We Could Never Explain

It can be so difficult to communicate to other people how you really feel, especially when what you feel is pleasure. Communicating negative emotions is a bit easier, what with the endless bank of swearwords at our disposal, but capturing the essence of an intense experience or joyful feeling can be near impossible.

Read on for 7 new words to help you to describe feelings of pleasure you’ve never before been able to explain.

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A word with First Nation and Native American origins, orenda is a thing contemporary self-help authors and motivational speakers seem to think they invented but it’s been in each of us all along, the ability to create change.

Pleasure Never Explain 02

With my coordination and lack of style I don’t have any alternative but to balter. Finally we have a word to describe what goes on in the club, or even the bar, when everyone’s had a bit too much to drink but doesn’t want to call it quits just yet.
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It’s time for numinous to be unleashed on the world again. Once in common usage, generally in religious materials, numinous can be applied to anything that overwhelms and inspires. Let’s just hope no music journalists read this or we’ll never hear the last of it.

Pleasure Never Explain 04

Travel fever is a very real illness but one that is infinitely less worrying now that it has a name and definition. You’re not having a heart attack or a stroke or a panic attack, it’s just resfeber. Relax.

Pleasure Never Explain 05

There’s never been a word to adequately describe those dreamy, fretful hours spent waiting for your lover to come home, until now. Elevate your next sext to new literary heights by incorporating your insatiable vorfreude into the mix.

Pleasure Never Explain 06

The Japanese language is full of these emotionally insightful words. Natsukashii is memory without the nostalgia, a nice feeling that takes you back without making you want to go back.

Pleasure Never Explain 07

Once you’ve perfected the pronunciation on this one feel free to start using it in day to day life, like erlebnisse is the only way to describe the birth of my first child or Game of Thrones last night was totally erlebnisse.

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