5 Marvellous Words about Writing Only Writers Will Understand

5 Marvellous Words about Writing Only Writers Will Understand


If you really want to make your friends and family worry about your future, tell them you’re going to become a writer. Thing is, you don’t need to be ‘a writer’ in order to write. Thanks to the world-wide megaphone that is the internet, we can all express ourselves through the medium of the written word and dip our toe into the writing life from time to time. Whether you’re a full-time writer using your skills to pay the bills or a hobby blogger just throwing things out into the universe and seeing what sticks, writing is a beautiful, challenging and rewarding activity and screw anyone who doesn’t like what you do.


Read on for 5 marvellous words about writing that only writers will understand.


Marvellous Writing 01

A terrible affliction with no known cure, to be scripturient is a guaranteed lifetime of misery. Unless you’re actually good at writing and become rich and famous, that is.

Marvellous Writing 02

For a word describing the pleasantness of a word’s sound, eutony could sound a little more pleasant, don’t you think?

Marvellous Writing 03

There are quite a few of these around and that’s okay. You don’t always have to understand that which you love. Unless you’re on TV, in which case its best to only use words you truly understand.

Marvellous Writing 04

Aka, the internet.
Marvellous Writing 05

Atychiphobia strikes all writers at some point. Those who succeed are those who do not let atychiphobia win and keep writing no matter what.




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