7 Words About Desire From Around the World

7 Words About Desire From Around the World

There are few sensations in this life more difficult to put into words than desire. Complicated, uncontrollable and all but inexplicable, desire is a thing you feel, not a thing you talk about. But if you do care to share the particulars of the fire in your belly and the tingle in your toes then the words below might come in handy.

Read on for 7 words about desire from around the world.



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The word appetence is seldom used although in my opinion it should be as it’s a far better way of expressing desire for someone than, ‘I’ve got the hots for you’. From the Latin, appententia which meant ‘to strive after’.


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Use velleitie if you want to give the affair you never had a more romantic aura. Also from medieval latin, velleitie comes from the word velle, ‘to wish.


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I have no problem with basorexia and appreciate that it can strike when you least expect it but please guys, not in the cinema, not in the café, not in my face. It seems basorexia isn’t in the dictionary but don’t let that put you off using it.


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Oysters, chocolate, three bottles of wine, anything that gets you in the mood can be described as aphrodysia. Derived from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation.



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‘Baby, you’re concupiscible.’ Worth a go.

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A slightly creepy word but one worth knowing, especially if you ever end up in a court of law trying to defend yourself for getting naked in the park. Apodysophilia is related to the word ‘apodyopsis’ which is the act of mentally undressing someone. Even creepier.


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We’ve all got a touch of the cheiloproclitic in us I feel, especially if we’re watching something with Tom Hardy or Scarlett Johansen in it. The internet has failed me in my quest to find out the origin of this word but let’s just guess Latin.

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