Watsky Gives The Letter to His 16 Year Old Self That We...

Watsky Gives The Letter to His 16 Year Old Self That We Wish We All Had Gotten

This video performance by rapper and spoken word artist Watsky is the motivational speech we all so badly needed in our adolescence.

In the midst of them, our teenage years seem to be the most monumental and pivotal moment in our lives. Which they are, but our naivety can lead us to feeling inadequate or unable to cope with the many trials and tribulations that life present us. Ultimately, the most difficult thing is the wishing you were someone else, that future you would hurry up and get here to save you from high school, girls, bullies, and broken homes

The takeaway from this is that your fears and issues aren’t yours alone, we all share them. Enjoy the journey and learn from the many curve balls life will throw at you, in the end, it’ll be alright. You might even take look back and wish you could live those moments again, crazy right?

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