9 Timothy Leary Quotes That’ll Make You Want to Turn on, Tune...

9 Timothy Leary Quotes That’ll Make You Want to Turn on, Tune in and Drop out

Timothy Leary was a psychology professor and researcher at Harvard University before deciding to turn on, tune in, drop out on his academic career to pursue controversial research into psychedelic drugs like LSD.


Convicted in 1966 for possession of a small amount of Marijuana, Timothy Leary was sentenced to 30 years in prison and over the course of his lifetime became familiar with almost thirty different American prisons. Despite this tussle with the law and being named by President Nixon as ‘the most dangerous man in America’, Timothy Leary managed to write a number of books and turned his hand to the entertainment industry in the 1980s. Whatever your opinion on the use of psychotropic drugs, Timothy Leary had a lot to say about life in America in the 20th century, equality and how to free your mind.


Read on for 9 Timothy Leary quotes that’ll make you want to turn on, tune in and drop out.


1) Timothy Leary giving the world my favorite quote about equality.


2) Timothy Leary’s top tip on how to stay young.


3) Timothy Leary being a BIG Beatles fan.


4) Timothy Leary on getting it on with the gifted.


5) Timothy Leary on the thin line between romance and madness.


6) Timothy Leary on rejecting the political, religious and educational authorities and thinking for yourself.


7) Timothy Leary on the importance of a good ending.


8) Timothy Leary at his most optimistic in Chaos & Cyber Culture.


9) The ultimate Timothy Leary quote, sadly truncated. You aren’t like them, are you?



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