7 Ways to Tell Your Lover How You Feel That Are Better...

7 Ways to Tell Your Lover How You Feel That Are Better Than Saying “I Love You”

Expressing to another person how much you love them may well be one of the most difficult things in the world to get right. It’s not like we haven’t got a lot of material to work with, the whole back catalogue of the … for a start, but still we resort to those three little words.

Here’s are 7 ways to tell your lover how you feel that are better than ‘I love you’.

You’re Weird

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If you can show someone every single thing about yourself you’ve always feared was a little weird and if that person sees those things, acknowledges their weirdness, and loves you all the more for them then, well, it might just be love.

You’re Always on my Mind

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Make sure your lover knows that although you can’t always be together in body, they’re always in your thoughts. Elvis said it well but if you can throw some Tennyson in the mix I advise you do.

You’re My Best Friend but You’re Also Hot

Tell Your Lover 03


That your lover is your best friend is great and I’m sure he/she loves to hear that but make sure they know that you also think they’re smoking hot, much hotter than your other best buddy, Dave.

You Complete Me

Tell Your Lover 04

How did he get hold of that piece of your soul in the first place? Best to not to question it. Tell your lover that you’ve never felt, safer, happier or more understood and they’ll know exactly what you mean.

This is Forever

Tell Your Lover 05

All couples have their ups and downs and those who think they haven’t, just haven’t had them yet.

Distance Means Nothing

Tell Your Lover 06

This is for all the long-distance lovers out there. It can be done. Love knows no time difference, no skype freeze and no used-up airmiles. It’ll all be worth it eventually.

Never Change

Tell Your Lover 07

Tell them you love every hair on their head and you never want them to change a single one of them.

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