7 Ways to Say I Love You in Spanish

7 Ways to Say I Love You in Spanish

It’s widely believed that Spaniards are the world’s greatest lovers. Which makes sense when you think about it. A nation dedicated to living the good life, Spain is a place where the sun always shines, the sangria always flows and afternoon siestas are a daily occurrence. With a life like that it’s no wonder passionate love-making is high on the agenda.

Your lover may not be Spanish but you can still add a little bit of Latin lovin’ into your life. Read on for seven ways to say ‘I love you’ in Spanish.


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Break your lover’s heart a little by holding them tight and whispering ‘eres querencia’, you are my home.




Te amo means I love you but, I really love you in a super serious way. To be saved for at least the third date.




An adorable word for an adorable proclamation of love. Reveal how you feel about the special person in your life by telling them how much you want to be ‘tortolitas’.




Not to be confused with temporary loves like the love of your twenty-first year or the love of that really hot summer in 2009. No, this one is the love of your entire life. You are el amor de mi vida. Only to be uttered with complete sincerity.




Some people deny love at first sight exists, some people swear it does and some are even convinced that it happened to them. If it is love at first sight, if it’s really fue un flechazo, tell the whole world about it. We all need something to believe in.




Kissing is, in my opinion, a dangerously underrated pastime. Bésame is a simple request but one that is guaranteed to take your relationship from a maybe he/she likes me to a yes this is definitely happening.




Me gustas is a slang term that literally means something like ‘you please me’ but has connotations of romantic desire. Kind of like, ‘damn gurl you fine’ or whatever the kids are saying these days.

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