9 Wise Quotes from Rudyard Kipling That’ll Make You See Things Differently

9 Wise Quotes from Rudyard Kipling That’ll Make You See Things Differently

Rudyard Kipling is thought of by many as the ‘bard of the Empire’. Born in India to English parents, Kipling spent time in England, India and America, refusing to acknowledge one nationality as his own. Kipling turned from man to literary legend with his Just So Stories collection and The Jungle Book, which was memorably animated by Walt Disney in 1967.

At one time the highest paid writer in the world and recipient of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1907, Kipling was a big deal during his lifetime and today his children’s books are considered classics of children’s literature.

The man does talk some sense so read on for 9 wise quotes from Rudyard Kipling that’ll make you see things differently.

We most certainly agree.

Steady on there, Kipling. Nothing wrong with wrapping yourself in quotations.

Taken from Kipling’s If: A Father’s Advice to His Son, a moving poem full of sage advice written from Kipling to his son, John Kipling.

Wise words. Better to be disappointed by somebody else than to be disappointed in yourself.

True, even if the man that is in love is in love with you. From The Light That Failed.

But every so often, a lighthouse, a smoke signal, a boat! From The Light That Failed.

Taken from everybody’s favourite Disney adaptation, The Jungle Book.

But first you must like yourself.


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One for the ladies here from Kipling. Taken from Plain Tales from the Hills.


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