13 Lessons on Living from Robert Frost

13 Lessons on Living from Robert Frost

One of America’s most beloved poets, Robert Frost had a thing or two to say about Life with a capital L. A poet who often wrote in the 19th century tradition but with an unmistakably modern sentiment, Robert Frost’s work has touched millions with its depiction of rural American life and insight into love, hate and creativity.

Read on for 17 lessons on living from Robert Frost

Live By Frost 01

If you can’t feel it when you’re writing it, no one is going to feel it when they read it. There is nothing to writing, said Hemingway, all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

Live By Frost 02

Taken from In the Clearing, the last collection of poems to be published by Robert Frost. What’s the great, big joke? That’s up to you to decide.

Live By Frost 03

From Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. I’ve never walked alone in the woods on a snowy evening, honestly I haven’t, but reading this poem I feel like I have.

Live By Frost 04

And somewhere in the middle, hopefully, there is a small minority who have something to say and can say it.


Live By Frost 05

The last stanza of the poem The Road Not Taken, a poem that really deserves to be read in full but doesn’t fit very well into our little Instagram-friendly picture quotes, this passage includes a beautiful metaphor for living an individual life. Take the road less traveled by, it will make all the difference.

Live By Frost 06

A line taken not from one of Frost’s poems but a published review of a novel by Sydney Cox.

Live By Frost 07

A meditation on love and hate and how both can destroy, the above is a from an early Robert Frost poem entitled Fire and Ice written in 1923.

Live By Frost 08

If Robert Frost had a lump in his throat while writing the poem, you know you’re going to have a lump in your throat when reading it.

Live By Frost 09

Freedom lies in being bold and imaginative and breaking boundaries and living your life exactly as you choose. Just as a poet would.

Live By Frost 10

Not what we hope one day they will be.

Live By Frost 11

Only the young and confused rant and rave. Wisdom is patience.

Live By Frost 12

Every tried to sum your life up in a hundred-word biography? It’s painful, isn’t it? Don’t fit your life into a tiny box to please others, be loud and proud.

Live By Frost 13

No one can seem to trace exactly where and when Robert Frost penned this delicious quote but it does appear in The Harper Book of Quotations (1993). Honestly though, it’s such a great quote who cares. The only thing you can be sure of in life is that no matter what happens it goes on.



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