11 Quotes That’ll Make You Feel Like Summer Will Never End

11 Quotes That’ll Make You Feel Like Summer Will Never End

For we Northern Hemisphere dwellers the summer is already half spent. Soon summer dresses will give way to autumn raincoats, your favourite paperback will be replaced by textbooks or paperwork from the office and backyard barbecues will be sacrificed for hearty meals cooked indoors.

But not yet.

For now rejoice in the summer and immerse yourself in these 11 beautiful quotes that will make you feel like summer will never end.

1) June Trembles

Summer Never End 1

No month of the year is more alive with the promise of colour and vitality than June. Pablo Neruda puts it best.

2) Summer Afternoon

Summer Never End 02

It does just roll off the tongue, doesn’t it? Summer afternoon, summer afternoon. I’d choose it over winter morning anytime.

3) A Time to Hunt For Insects

Summer Never End 03

Stretching on to infinity yet somehow over in the blink of an eye, summer is when you learn who you’ll be for the rest of the year.

4) Nothing Matters

Summer Never End 04

Nature makes a performance of itself in the summertime. With our attention diverted away from ourselves and towards the beauty of the world, our responsibilities, worries and cares do have a habit of melting away, just like the ice in a glass of Pimms.

5) Permission to Be Lazy

Summer Never End 05

Whatever it is it can wait until September, that hammock isn’t going to swing itself.

6) It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Summer Never End 06

August may have come and gone but don’t resign yourself just yet. Summer has a habit of hanging around and showing its face from time to time until Autumn is ready to take full control.

7) Beach Days

Summer Never End 07

With such a simple image, a forest of ice-cream cones and crimson thighs, Bauby takes us right to that jam-packed beach in summertime, where everyone is trying to get their fair share of sea, sun and sand.

8) Summer Nights

Summer Never End 08

In the height of summer the sky is never truly black, a glimmer of blue like a sapphire reflecting the stars can always be seen, tempting you to stay awake all night.

9) We’re All Children in Summer

Summer Never End 09

During the summer months all adults can unleash their inner child. Playing outside in the sunshine, eating lots of ice cream and not always wearing trousers in public are just three of the things you can get away with.

10) The Importance of Being Idle

Summer Never End 10

What better excuse it there than, ‘it’s too hot to do anything but lie in the shade’.

11) Summer Needs Winter

Summer Never End 11

Ever insightful Steinbeck. Summer would certainly lose some of its charm without the expectation that it will soon be over.  Enjoy it while you can.

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