11 Quotes That Explain Why Libraries are the Best Places on Earth

11 Quotes That Explain Why Libraries are the Best Places on Earth

Have you ever done a meditation exercise? You know, the ones they do at the end of a yoga class or during at team building exercise, where you’re supposed to lie on your back, flat on the floor and empty your mind completely.

Once your mind is empty you’re supposed to imagine yourself in a safe place, a perfect scene of calm and solitude. Most people go for an empty beach, apparently. Some go for a grassy field, a mountain top or even the comfort of their own bed. Me, I’ve always imagined lying on the dusty, carpeted floor of a library. Libraries are places of deep serenity; calming and yet strangely energizing, they always feel like home.

Try it yourself. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in your favorite library where the smell of old books fills the air and the only noise is the rhythmic squeak of the libraries trolley. Now, doesn’t that feel better?

Read on for 11 quotes that prove libraries are the best places on earth.

Libraries Best Places 01

Ray Bradbury is the author of Farenheit 451, a novel set in a dystopic future America where books are outlawed and any found are burned.

Libraries Best Places 02

Consider this your warning.

Libraries Best Places 03

A terrifying prospect or a thrilling one depending on your perspective. Isabel Allende wrote The House of the Spirits, an inter-generational family saga set Chile.

Libraries Best Places 04

As the author of Ella Enchanted notes, if every book is a universe then a library is infinity.

Libraries Best Places 05

A bit of dust never hurt anyone but I quite agree, a tidy but empty library is a sad sight.

Libraries Best Places 06

Jorge Luis Borges passed away in 1986 so I hope his library-paradise is everything he hoped.

Libraries Best Places 07

Here’s one for all you whovians out there. Even the oncoming storm knows what the best weapon in the world is!

Libraries Best Places 08

Who better to bring sunken literary treasure up to the surface than Virginia Woolf. I just hope she shared her treasures with the plebeians.

Libraries Best Places 09

The famous Ancient Library of Alexandria kind of disproves this theory but I love it nonetheless.

Libraries Best Places 10

Hope from a poet is the most hopeful hope there is.

Libraries Best Places 11

If only this were really true all over the world.



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