11 Quotes from J.D. Salinger That Make Perfect Sense

11 Quotes from J.D. Salinger That Make Perfect Sense

There’s a reason Holden Caulfield is one of the most iconic characters in literary history – the dude spoke sense. At just sixteen years old Caulfield sees straight through the ‘phonies’ of the world and rejects a life of reading from the script, embarking on an experiment into free will over the course of a memorable weekend in Manhattan.

Although The Catcher in the Rye was the real success of J.D. Salinger’s remarkably short career we haven’t just quoted Holden Caulfield, Franny and Zooey, Salinger’s first novel gets a look in too.

Read on for 11 quotes from J.D. Salinger that make perfect sense.


JD Salinger Perfect Sense 01

The exact nature of Mr. Antolini’s relationship with Holden is complex, as is everything else in Holden’s life but he offers beautiful insight into learning from the trials of others.


JD Salinger Perfect Sense 02

A bit of insight into Holden Caulfield’s self-image issues or a sarcastic reference to how he views other people’s opinion of him? Who knows.


JD Salinger Perfect Sense 03

Franny Glass here, managing to put down every single person she knows.


JD Salinger Perfect Sense 04

For many people Salinger’s description of a really great book perfectly sums up A Catcher in the Rye. Salinger was notoriously reclusive though, perhaps as a result of all of those phone calls.


JD Salinger Perfect Sense 05

The passage that gives The Catcher in the Rye its name. There are a million different interpretations so spend a moment revelling in the imagery and decide which one you like best.


JD Salinger Perfect Sense 06

Like Camus’ The Outsider, The Catcher in the Rye is full of references to social expectations and the penalty for not playing by the rules.


JD Salinger Perfect Sense 07

You must remember poor Holden is only sixteen. He’s got a lot to learn.


JD Salinger Perfect Sense 08

Anyone care to disagree? No, didn’t think so.


JD Salinger Perfect Sense 09

More wisdom from Holden’s teacher, Mr. Antolini.


JD Salinger Perfect Sense 10

I don’t think Holden Caulfield would have dug 21st century culture what with all the digital remastering, remixing and rehashing that goes on. Just make something new why don’t you.


JD Salinger Perfect Sense 11

Me too, Holden. Me too.


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