9 Quotes From Famous Musicians on Love and Life

9 Quotes From Famous Musicians on Love and Life

If anyone has the answers, or at least is asking the right questions, about life and love and what the hell we’re all doing here anyway, it’s the writers, artists and musicians of the world. Music can touch us in a way few other things can and behind every beautiful, inspiring, head-banging piece of music there’s the person who wrote it, a thinking, feeling bag of bones, just like you or me.

Read on for 9 quotes from famous musicians on love and life.



Fathering eleven children with several different women all while married to Rita Marley, Bob Marley’s advice on how to have a happy relationship seemed to work.



Everyone forgets to appreciate the spaces in between. As in music, so in life, it’s the bits in between, the day-to-day living bit that we tend to take for granted.



Live and let live, pleaded Jimi Hendrix. Sadly he didn’t live long after making this plea as he died aged just 27.



This quote is originally found in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by C.S. Lewis, uttered by the Cheshire Cat but at some point became attributed to the lead guitarist of The Beatles. Enjoy the journey because even if you think you know where you’re going you can’t really be sure of your final destination.



One half of Simon and Garfunkel, Paul Simon is still making music and is currently touring with Sting. Seems he’s got a lot more to do with his days than just smiling but the sentiment is nice.



We’ve all been the loud voice, singing along to Uptown Girl, too drunk to care that it’s blatantly obvious to all of your friends that you know all the words to a Billy Joel song. But maybe you’ve been the quiet heart too, the one that’s needed a musician to sing the words for you.


A very scientific-sounding quote from Zappa there that highlights the importance of doing things differently. With more than 60 albums to his name, most of which he also produced, Zappa is the master of re-invention.



Me too. I also like beautiful paintings of ugly things, beautiful words written about devastating things and beautiful food that tastes disgusting. No, I’ve changed my mind about the last one.



An original member of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards has done some teeth-kicking in his time. Known in the music press by Lord Byron’s epithet of “mad, bad, and dangerous to know”, Richards has been the subject of numerous drug busts but is still rocking at the grand old age of 71.

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