13 Quotes About God That’ll Really Make You Think About Religion

13 Quotes About God That’ll Really Make You Think About Religion

Organized religions’ hold on the world’s imagination grows ever weaker as we plummet our way through the 21st century. And while most of us would shy away from admitting we have any kind of religion, we all have an opinion one way or the other on the existence of God.

If talking about religion or politics is banned at the dinner table balance your plate on your laptop instead and read on for 13 quotes about God that’ll make you think about religion in a new way.


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Mahatma means ‘great soul’ and it takes a great soul to inspire the world the way Ghandi did when he led India’s independence movement using only non-violent methods of resistance.


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Taken from Invisible Monsters, a book initially rejected by Palahniuk’s publishers for being ‘too disturbing’.


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C.S. Lewis is speaking from the heart here as he was a Christian himself and became an ‘ordinary layman of the Church of England aged 32.


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Elbert Hubbard was an anarchist and socialist who wrote that he believed ‘John Ruskin, William Morris, Henry Thoreau, Walt Whitman and Leo Tolstoy’ to be ‘Prophets of God’


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The whereabouts of Kurt Vonnegut’s actual grave, and therefore his epitaph, are unknown.


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Widely considered the world’s first existentialist philosopher, Kierkegaard’s view of religion is characteristically inward-looking.


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Amen, Ms. Parker.


Religion 09

Taken from Crime and Punishment, a novel Dostoyevsky wrote in the months following the death of both his wife and his beloved brother.


Religion 10

Just John Lennon talking sense.


Religion 11

I think so too. Taken, unsurprisingly, from The Color Purple.


Religion 12

With 15 bestselling books in her bibliography I think Mrs. Bombeck achieved her goal.


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