7 Quotes from Poets that Will Help You Heal After a Break-Up

7 Quotes from Poets that Will Help You Heal After a Break-Up

Going through a break-up, like a real – love of your life has left you, your world has crumbled in an instant, the whole meaning of your life has vanished – sort of break-up can be the hardest thing you ever have to do. Your friends and family may surround you with condolences and reasons that he/she was a total asshole anyway but what you really want is assurance that what you’re feeling right now is going to go away. And it will. It might take some time and it might not be easy and you may need to stalk his/her Facebook for a while but eventually you will let go and start to feel like you again.

No one has thought longer or harder about all of the terrible feels we feel when we go through a bad break up than the poets of this world, so read on for 7 quotes from poets that will help you heal after a break up.



Relationships are like elastic bands, they stretch really far but always go back to their original shape, unless you really, purposefully, tear them to bits.




Taken from Macbeth, this is Shakespeare at his most Dr. Phil. Give your sorrow words and talk to people about what you’re feeling or your grief might just ‘knit up your o-er wrought heart and bid it break.’ Don’t worry about boring your friends, those who really love you will listen for as long as you want to talk.




Sylvia Plath is the author of one novel, The Bell Jar, from which this quote is taken but Plath was first and foremost a poet, penning most of the collection published as Ariel just a month before her death. This quote describes the protagonist of The Bell Jar as a young woman, seeing all of the different paths her life could take in the form of a fig tree. Visualize your own fig tree because with a break-up comes a world of possibilities.




Now that you have your solitude you can become whatever you want to be. Sit in the darkness and cheer your solitude with the sweet sounds of your own creativity.




Taken from Dorothy Parker’s 1926 collection of poetry, Enough Rope, this lovely little ditty is a reminder not to waste time on emotionally stunted men. Honestly, it’s more bother than it’s worth.




Don’t despair, you’ve simply given up on the sand and are on your way to more sugar. Santosh Kalwar is a Nepalese poet and writer who lives in Finland.




Yeah, this is the one. Always take the hard truth over an easy lie and move on to bigger and better things. It will get better. I promise.

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