11 Frightening Words for Phobias You Never Knew Existed

11 Frightening Words for Phobias You Never Knew Existed

We’re all afraid of something, be it spiders, ghosts, snakes or adult responsibilities, and with good cause, those things are scary as hell but if your fear is overwhelming and is a reaction to something that is generally considered harmless or non-frightening, then, I’m sorry dear, you may be suffering from a phobia.

The word phobia comes from the erudite Ancient Greeks whose word ‘phobos’ meant morbid fear, a fear that resists logic, rationality and common sense and as a result can be attributed to some very strange and abstract things.

Read on for 11 fantastical and frightening words for phobias you never knew existed.

Phobia 01

Perhaps we could have used this one in our ‘7 ways to say I’m just not into you’ article?

Phobia 02

Can you have a phobia of people who have ablutophobia?

Phobia 03

Every pop ballad music video is like Evil Dead for these folks. And Singing in the Rain? That filth should be banned.

Phobia 04

Now you mention it, all that empty space, all that endless, depthless nothingness, stretching off into forever, where does it end? WHERE DOES IT END?

Phobia 05

But woodworm are so cute with their sharp, little wood-chewing teeth and their cute larvae faces and their astonishing egg-laying capabilities. *retch*.

Phobia 06

Which brings us nicely to Emetophobia, the fear of vomiting. Of all the phobias on this list, this is the one I can sympathise with the most. Being sick is just the worst.

Phobia 07

There’s another word for these people and it kinda rhymes with campfire.

Phobia 08

Do not watch Lord of the Rings. I repeat, do not watch Lord of the Rings.

Phobia 09

One day your friend is going to turn up to a party with their hair all crazy and you’re going to be like, ha ha ha, look at your hair, what’s wrong, do you have a phobia of mirrors or something? And they’re going to be like, yes, it’s called Spectrophobia and its actually incredibly debilitating and you’re going to feel so bad.

Phobia 10

A fear of radiation seems pretty sensible to me, what with all the radiation sickness and skin burns and gene mutation and all. Where did I put that tin foil?

Phobia 11

FDR called it in his first inaugural address of March 1933 when he said ‘the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’ Meant to bolster a population ground down by the Great Depression, FDR’s words gave courage and hope to a generation of Americans, excluding the Phobophobias of course who were like, yeah, thanks for that FDR, that really helps, great, thanks.

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