11 Brilliant New Adjectives That’ll Make You Sound Like A Genius

11 Brilliant New Adjectives That’ll Make You Sound Like A Genius

I think we can all admit to thinking we’re pretty smart. But how to prove it? Opportunities to prove the efficiency of our brain function in day-to-day commonplace situations are few and far between. It’s remarkably difficult to slip your academic achievements into conversation, no one wants to know that you completed the NYT crossword in ten minutes and everyone hates a guy who quotes. Improving your vocabulary might just be the only socially acceptable way of showing everyone what a smarty-pants you are.

Read on for 11 new adjectives that’ll make you sound like a genius.

Think Brian Blessed. You know, Flash Gordon, ‘GORDON’S ALIVE’. Yeah, you got it.

I’m not sure whether being aspectabund is a desirable quality or not. I guess it depends how often you feel pissed off.

If this hasn’t turned up in the left-leaning German press like a million times in recent months then I’ll eat my shoes, Werner Herzog style.
The only feasible way I can see you shoehorning this word into general conversation is in the following, ‘yeah so this girl was wasted at the bar, swaying all over, and we knew she was going to go and when she finally did it was quaquaversal, man.’

A perfect word to throw into post-Christmas conversations that inevitably start with ‘so, did you enjoy the holidays back home?’


You’re no longer just ‘bored with work’ or ‘ready for a change’, you’re novaturient, baby.

Maybe if you explain your actions using amazing vocabulary like ‘sturmfrei’ your parents will forgive you for the hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage inflicted on their house during your first house party? I doubt it, though.

Never say anything was ‘amazing’ again.

Never say anything was ‘rubbish’ again.

I’ve definitely heard this word in use but had no idea what it meant until now. See, we’re all learning here.

Don’t be that guy. Don’t be that finifugal guy who just won’t let go. Just take a taxi to the airport.




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