5 Of The Most Famous Made Up Languages From Story Books We...

5 Of The Most Famous Made Up Languages From Story Books We All Wish We Could Speak.

Growing up, I always wanted to learn a different language.

But didn’t.

It is natural for us to look for ways to communicate the miles of meaning tucked beneath our skin.

These authors created such interesting languages that turn our understanding of language and human development around and shows us the connection between the two.

And they just sound cool.

Loonie (The Moon is a Harsh Mistress) Robert A. Heinlein


Not really the language we would like to be speaking, Loonie, is the communication tactics of the crazies and insane prisoners isolated to the moon in this sci-fi amazingness.

Elvish (Lord of the Rings) J.R.R. Tolkien


One of the sexier languages we’d love to hear Orlando Bloom conjure within our ears. Elvish is non-other than the language of the elves (duh) in this beautiful fantasy epic.

Valyrian (Game of Thrones) George R.R. Martin


Not brutal Dothraki but awesome in it’s wake. Valyrian is the language of the once great people of Valyria Freehold and is the only true tongue meant for poetry. Even something as ominous as “All Men Must Die” sounds beautiful slipping through the lips of a high born Valyrian. Valar Morghulis

Parseltongue (Harry Potter) J.K. Rowling


Slitheran is the most badass of all the houses. Like, they’re considered bad people. So when Harry started speaking Parseltongue, it was understandable that people were weary. Not much of a speakable language, Parseltongue, is none other than a bunch of hisses and slithers.

Nadsat (A Clockwork Orange) Anthony Burgess


The language of the violent youth,  Alex and his gang of mischiefs toed the town in style and flashy British etiquette while sporting the bastard tongue of insanity.

Newspeak (1984) George Orwell

1984_by_alcook-d4z39dh-750x400Newspeak is an edited English that limits the people of free thought and free expression. Created by the totalitarian nation of Oceania to oppress all below them.

Arieki alien species (Embassytown) China Mieville


Probably the most interesting language made in story books, the Arieki can only speak in literal terms. Therefor require assistance from humans to act out or translate their full meaning. They can use simile’s but metaphors are a no-go. Which makes this story an enticing read indeed.

These are your 5 Of The Most Famous Languages From Story Books We Wish We Could Speak.

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