11 Quotes from Lemony Snicket That’ll Have You Hooked

11 Quotes from Lemony Snicket That’ll Have You Hooked

Lemony Snicket is a pitiable figure, a troubled writer and photographer who was kidnapped by a secret organisation as a child, falsely accused of murder and arson after a series of unfortunate events (you with me?) and eventually reported to be dead. In the universe of the wildly popular tragicomic book series A Series of Unfortunate Events he is, at least. In this world, the world we boldly call the ‘real’ world, Lemony Snicket is the penname of writer Daniel Handler, the American writer and journalist who wrote the series as well as a number of other YA and adult fiction.

The world of Lemony Snicket looks deceptively similar to the world we know until an inordinate number of people start to die ghastly deaths, the humor takes a giant leap towards the dark side and three children are forced to battle alone against an evil uncle.

If you’re not already desperate to get your hands on this classic series read on for 11 quotes from Lemony Snicket that’ll have you hooked.


1) Never Trust the Bookless



2) The Unpleasant Taste of Fate



3) Only the Wicked Don’t Read



4) Messy, Awkward Love




5) True for Children and for Adults – Sleep When You’re Dead



6) People Are Like Salad



7) The Dark Surprise of the Death of a Loved One



8) Hope for the Best Whether it Arrives or Not



9) The Merits of Weeping



10) I Hate to See you Go but Love to Watch You Return with Ice-Cream



11) Loose Lips Sink Ships



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