5 Jane Austen Quotes That’ll Make You Want to Pick Up a...

5 Jane Austen Quotes That’ll Make You Want to Pick Up a Book

Just like the daring and defiant characters who populated the pages of her novels, Jane Austen was a force to be reckoned with. Often described as a witty woman who did not suffer fools gladly, Austen wrote novels full of observations and criticisms of life among the landed gentry of Georgian England. Now considered literary classics, Austen’s work bridged the gap between romantic fiction and realistic social commentary, making her one of the most widely read novelists in English literature.

All good writers are exceptional readers and the main love affair of Jane Austen’s life was with the written word. Read on for 7 Jane Austen quotes that’ll make you want to pick up a book.



These words are uttered by Miss Bingley in Pride and Prejudice with the hopes of ensnaring Mr Darcy with her reading acuity. Today, Jane Austen finally has a grand library of her own as her work features heavily in the Chawton House Library, a research and learning center for women’s writing located in the UK.



The source is a little cloudy on this one but any avid reader out there can appreciate this sentiment. Some books just aren’t long enough!



This quote comes from Mansfield Park, Austen’s 1814 family saga that centers on the pre-marital woes of a girl named Fanny Price who is sent away by her parents as a child to live with her wealthy but unkind relatives. In the time Jane Austen was writing, financial independence for women was still rare, even amongst the well-educated upper-classes.

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Taken from Northanger Abbey, you can’t help but feel that this specific exchange of dialogue is a jab at anyone who ever belittled Austen’s work or love of literature.



You’ve got to love Miss Austen’s style. Spoken by the heroine of Northanger Abbey, Catherine Morland, this quote is just a small snippet of a long exchange about the reading habits of men and women and the merits of reading fiction. You can just imagine Jane Austen herself though, spitting it out at the dinner table.

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