9 Jack Kerouac Quotes That’ll Make You Want to Hit the Road

9 Jack Kerouac Quotes That’ll Make You Want to Hit the Road

Jack Kerouac reportedly wrote his seminal beat-generation travel manual On the Road in just three weeks on a single roll of paper. The writer spent the greater part of the forties fleeing back and forth across the United States looking for adventure and, helped along by bowls of pea soup and handfuls of Benzedrine, finally condensed his experiences into an epic stream-of-consciousness tale that the fine folks of the sixties counter-culture could really dig.

Read on for 9 quotes from Jack Kerouac that’ll make you want to hit the road.

It has been said that On The Road is partly a long, literary explanation, from Jack Kerouac to his new wife Joan Kerouac, of what exactly Jack got up to all those years he was travelling the United States.

There is never anywhere to go but everywhere so go already.

This quote keeps popping up again and again on Wordables but it’s so great we can’t help it.

If there is a word for this phenomenon, and I bet there is, it’ll turn up some day on this site.

So less reading – even if it is Kerouac – and more doing.

Although it does help when popular opinion holds that you are a genius.

Imagine your future child looking through your Instagram feed? *shudder*

Advice for life from Jack Kerouac.



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