7 Intoxicating Words to Use in a Letter to Your Lover

7 Intoxicating Words to Use in a Letter to Your Lover

In our brave, new, bewildering world of sexting, snapchat and tinder the love letter seems like a thing of the past, an act as antiquated as handing over a dance card or saving yourself for your wedding night.

We all have to make an effort to save the love letter from extinction so go on, give it a go and tell your lover how you feel using the magic of the written words.

And to give you a nudge in the right direction here are 7 intoxicating words to use in a letter to your lover.

Use In A Letter 01

Every happy, loving relationship has a healthy dollop of mizpah in the emotional mix. Mizpah is untroubled by long distance romance, illness, hardship, or even death. Let your lover know that you have mizpah but as it does sound a little bit like a disease make sure you include the definition.

Use In A Letter 02

Requited love is the purest, most fulfilling love there is but it doesn’t make much of a story. Who needs drama, though? Let your lover know that your love is pure redamancy and you feel as much for them as they feel for you.

Use In A Letter 03

This word can be used for both men and women who are hopelessly in love but can’t tell the object of their desire how they feel. Show how far you’ve come from your days as a torpe to the kind of lover who pens romantic love letters, just because.

Use In A Letter 04

Not love at first sight but the potential for love at a later date, I love this expression that describes the premonition of passion.

Use In A Letter 05

The origins of this word are vague but the meaning is crystal clear; nothing else matters, your passion is all-consuming and unyielding. You might as well just propose marriage.

Use In A Letter 06

The ancient Greeks knew what many people today seem to have forgotten. True beauty is more than skin deep and you should tell the love of your life that they have kalon in spades.

Use In A Letter 07

That this word is gender-neutral is even better. Do as Hindi and Urdu speakers do and let the lover in your life know that they are the ‘soul of you’.

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