7 Inspiring Quotes from Toni Morrison That’ll Make You Want to Do...

7 Inspiring Quotes from Toni Morrison That’ll Make You Want to Do Something With Your Life

Toni Morrison is a goddess of literature. Recipient of a Pulitzer Prize for her novel, Beloved, and the Nobel Prize in 1992, Morrison’s writing is a thing of unique beauty, a deep, lyrical conversation between Morrison and the world about all that is right and wrong that is a pure pleasure to read.

With 10 novels to her name and an 11th, God Help the Child on its way, Morrison is, in my humble opinion one of the greatest living writers in the world.

Here are 7 of her most inspiring quotes.

1) Freedom

Morrison Quote 01


Morrison has spoken in interviews about how having children freed her from the expectations of adults and how writing became the ‘real freedom’ but has noted time and time again that with freedom, comes the responsibility to free others.

2) Open Your Mind

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A lifelong critic of the labels and definitions we use to describe each other, Morrison famously rejected the term ‘feminist’, stating instead that she could only write from positions that are not closed.

3) Choose Your Words

Morrison Quote 03

Choose your words wisely because all that separates us from the apes is our language.

4) Write It

Morrison Quote 04

Some of the best advice given to budding writers ever, if Morrison says write it, write it!

5) Creative Contentment

Morrison Quote 05

Any tortured creative can take solace in these wise words. One day, just being will be enough.

6) Thin Love

Morrison Quote 06

Never settle for average, especially in matters of the heart.

7) America Means White

Morrison Quote 07

Morrison has always been concerned with the way the language we use reflects on our society and here she succinctly sums up how, at its simplest but most powerful level, racism works.

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