13 Brilliant English Words That Have Become Extinct

13 Brilliant English Words That Have Become Extinct

Each year hundreds of new words are added to the top dictionaries used by English-speaking people over the world. Growing thicker with each new edition, historical dictionaries never leave a man behind and even as they swell to ever more epic proportions with contemporary additions like the recent twerk and freegan they never cull words.

But if you don’t use it, you lose it, when it comes to the concise, smaller dictionaries that is. Deemed too archaic or obsolete for modern English, here is a list of 13 brilliant English words that have recently become extinct.

Extinct 01

I can see why this one had to go. ‘Please, I love you, I want this marriage to work. Let’s not brabble anymore.’ Just doesn’t quite work, does it.

Extinct 02

God bless the coders, this is the most half-hearted insult I’ve ever heard.

Extinct Words 03

Judging by the current state of movie production this word is needed now more than ever. Why make something new when you can make something almost exactly the same?

Extinct Words 04

Remember all the fuss about this one? No, me neither, what a night.

Extinct Words 05

I suspect this one was culled because no-one knows how to pronounce it.

Extinct Words 06


Extinct Words 07

Has anyone ever actually self-identified as a VJ? If so they better update their CV, pronto.

Extinct Words 08

I always wondered what the S stood for and now I know. Better late than never.

Extinct Words 09

Still attached to the sheep though, yes? So, just a sheep?

Extinct Words 10

Has anyone alerted the drag community about this one?

Extinct Words 11

Oh yeah, because we don’t do that anymore.

Extinct Words 12

How are second hand car dealers going to list their fabulous wares now? “This model contains a rectangular slot for putting the thing that came before CDs in but you can’t get them anymore anyway so just put your sandwich in it or use it as an ashtray.“

Extinct Words 13

We have another word for this anyway. No, not man-cave, kennel.

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