9 Delectable Words That’ll Improve Your Vocabulary Today

9 Delectable Words That’ll Improve Your Vocabulary Today

We all have our verbal crutches, words we say again and again almost against our will. Words like ‘good’, ‘okay’, ‘nice’, and the dreaded ‘awesome’ are heard in conversation so much they’ve lost all meaning.

But with an estimate million words in the English language there’s really no excuse for being anything but loquacious. Memorise the 19 delectable words below and instantly improve your vocabulary today.

Delectables 01

Usage: Don’t defrost the car just yet, dear. Let the apricity do it’s work

Delectables 2

Usage: I regret acquiescing to drink those extra five Tequilas last night.

Delectables 3

Usage: My dad will kill me if he finds out about my clandestine meeting with fang-toothed Edward.

Delectables 04

Usage: Most of the things George W. Bush ever said i.e. “We cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile.” (He meant hostage.)

Delectables 05

Usage: The nadir of my life was when My So-Called Life got cancelled after just one series.

Delectables 06

Usage: I no longer respond to the childhood sobriquet of Dumbo.

Delectables 07

Usage: Poor people who are nice to mean rich people = sycophants.

Delectables 08

Usage: I was such a truculent teenager my mother sent me to a psychiatrist. (Not really).

Delectables 09

Usage: That godawful new song from *insert latest pop star here* is horribly ubiquitous.



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