7 Deep and Darkening Words Only Those Who Love the Night Will...

7 Deep and Darkening Words Only Those Who Love the Night Will Understand

Here’s one for the night owls, the ones who can’t get to sleep until the sun starts to rise and don’t want to leave the comfort of their bed until the sun has begun to set. Who decided that we should go to bed when it’s dark and get up when it’s light, anyway?

Read on for 7 deep and darkening words only those who love the night will understand.



Contrary to popular belief, enjoying darkness more than light doesn’t make you a vampire or satanic. Well, not necessarily. It does however make you more at risk of vitamin D deficiency so drink that fish liver oil, guys.



Most people’s noctuaries would be pretty dull. Went to sleep, probably had dreams but can’t remember, woke up when my alarm went off for work. But for a nyctophiliac or a noceur, one who comes to life at night, anything is possible.



If there were no noceurs there’d be no nightclubs and no all-day breakfast serving diners. Due to my constant need for at least eight hours of sleep per night I can only afford to be an occasional noceur.



You can spend a whole night suspended in dormiveglia. You’re not asleep but you’re certainly not fully awake. Essential for creative thinking, we should all do away with alarm clocks and embrace our morning dormiveglia fully. I’m sure your boss will understand.



We’ve all done it, some for more admirable reasons that others. You see the world anew when you’ve been awake for 24 hours and a good áoyè every once in a while is good for the soul.



The English proverb ‘it’s always darkest just before the dawn’, is normally used to cheer someone up whose going through a bad time (ie things get worse just before they get better) but it does go some way in explaining how the dawn always catches you aware. One minute you’re having a smoke outside and the next it’s daylight and your girlfriend’s going to kill you.



This has to be my favorite word on this list. ‘Brain grey’, how terrifyingly wonderful.


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