Charles Bukowski’s Top 10 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life

Charles Bukowski’s Top 10 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life

Bukowski was in no way a “self-help” guru but you can’t deny that he’s a bad ass who lived his life exactly the way he wanted and didn’t give a s*&t what anyone else thought. And I don’t know about you, but I think there’s a lot to learn from someone like that.

So here are a few of Bukowski’s best tips for living a kick ass life:

1. Find your passion


Too often we are bogged down with decisions of what we should do with our lives, or if our families would approve. But forget what others think of you Find what you love, and do that till you die!

2. Be kind to life


Don’t be so hard on yourself, you get out of life what you put in, and sometimes all that is needed is a better perspective.

3. Go Crazy


Don’t forget to go crazy at least once. Life is too short to stay sane and composed through out the entire ride, let your hair down and let yourself go crazy.

4. Be free.


5. One at a time

saving-the-worldNo one cares about your dream to solve world hunger. what have you done for the hungry person down the road?

6. You’ve felt this way before


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like this, and made it through.

7. It’s never too late to save your soul


8. The Thing that matters the most


How well do you walk through fire?

9. Remember.. We’re all going to die.


Now that’s a wake up call if I’ve ever heard one.

10. Make Death Tremble to take you.


And that’s it!

That’s Bukowski’s top quotes for a kick ass life, now go out there and make death tremble to take you!

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