7 of the Best Jack Kerouac Quotes for Those With a Wanderlust

7 of the Best Jack Kerouac Quotes for Those With a Wanderlust

American Beat writer Jack Kerouac (1922 - 1969) leans closer to a radio to hear himself on a broadcast, 1959. (Photo by John Cohen/Getty Images)

Jack Kerouac inspired a generation of Americans to break free from the normalcy of life and surrender to their inner desires. Through travel, he believed we could dispel any existential angst and begin to become more aware of our true selves.

On the road, a semi-autobiographical book about travel written by Kerouac, is in some ways a manifesto about life and how true freedom can only be experienced once you’ve submitted to your wanderlust.

Listed below are a few musing shared by Kerouac in On The Road:

jack kerouac love life

– Travel invokes a sense of self doubt that’s often hard to deal with. Once awakened, you can’t really turn it off. Love your life, enjoy every minute of it and be thankful for your experiences!
jack kerouac nothing behind me

– The few moments in life where you’re truly uninhibited and able to exercise your free will often create a desire to travel. The possibilities are endless on the road and we owe it to ourselves to see what’s out there for each one of us.
jack kerouac kindness

– Some of the best moments in life come from a simple exchange with a stranger while traveling. Extolling kindness takes little effort and can impact a person profoundly. Pay it forward!
jack kerouac too big world

– The hardest thing about travel is leaving your loved ones behind. Don’t give into this fear, experience the many nuances of the world and return a better person with more to offer a potential partner.
jack kerouac road life

– This is for the true vagabond. Once normalcy becomes impossible, the only sane choice becomes living life on the move. Not worried about destinations, the goal is to enjoy the journey and the freedom that comes from being a drifter.
jack kerouac bed

– Travel opens you up to be whoever you want to be. Appreciate the freedom available and welcome the discomfort of being not in control.

jack kerouac stars

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