7 Controversial Books That Shockingly Made it to the Big Screen

7 Controversial Books That Shockingly Made it to the Big Screen

There are books that received so much controversy for being the books they are, they almost couldn’t wait to

These books stirred some shit, became movies, instilled themselves into our culture, and are now deep parts of all our lives.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen ChboskyPicture 1

Stephen Chbosky’s gripping coming of age tells a story of a 15 year old boys experiences with sex, abuse, drugs, and relationships through letters he writes to a trustworthy friend.

At a crucial point in the book, the main character Charlie, secretly helps his sister out of an abusive relationship by letting her confide in him about getting an abortion. These types of coming of age books are usually banned due to graphic content these teenagers are supposed to “not be doing.”

Shielding real issues like these from youth is a disservice to society, the individual themselves, and anybody going through the exact same situation. In this case books are life-jackets to those in need. Don’t take the air out. Or at least make a decent film adaptation.

The Color Purple by Alice Walkerthe-color-purple-alice-walker

I remember this being the first movie I cried during as a kid. I remember hating Danny Glover. I remember witnessing Oprah Winfrey’s phenomenal acting debut. I also remember thinking I could never understand this type of inhumane and disturbing behavior but deeply, deeply knew I needed to.

This book was featured on the list of Most Frequently Censored and Challenged books (2000-2009) for it’s intense violence.

The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell3000

Okay, the film has absolutely NOTHING to do with the book of the same name but I felt needed to be on this list.


Because this book is f**ked up. One chapter teaches you to make explosives. One teaches you to make LSD. This book has “illegal as fu*k” written all over it and has been refused by Australia to be a recognized book by their system. It just so happened to inspire a terrible movie.

But the book is where it’s at.

Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twainc06-46

I’ve NEVER read about so many white people spraying the “N” word around like nobodies business. Which is exactly why this book received so much controversy. People looked at Twain as a racist rather than realizing his satire and reflecting the reality that was the south at the time. Then some one made a terrible movie about it. With singing. Bleh.

Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt VonnegutSlaughterhousefive

Kurt Vonnegut always had a biting comedy and grim satire to his writing. But nothing says grotesque and profane like Slaughterhouse Five. Set during WWII about the Dresden Bombings and Nazi holocaust. But what garnered much more attention was the fact this was one of the first literary books to acknowledge the killings of homosexuals during the holocaust itself. Referring to homosexuals as “fairies.”

And a again, a dry movie sucks the flow straight from Vonnegut’s pages and spits them onto reels.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James1.1986291

Sex is controversial. Especially sex that women have. Because in some reality somewhere, women aren’t supposed to desire like men do. And that’s the deal. It’s a dry read at best (no pun intended). But there’s sex… everywhere!

With whips and cuffs and other cool shit cool people do. It’s quite obvious why this book is so talked about. And why they made a movie. The book was way more sexually visual. The best thing about that film was Beyonces rendition of “Crazy in Love.”

That’s sexy.

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgessclockwork-orange3

Anthony Burgess and Stanley Kubrick married  in medium-culture heaven when Burgess agreed to be a part of the film making. I loved every minute of it’s scathing horror. This blacktale of  dystopian future where youth are violently desensitized, galvanizing notoriety raping, breaking into homes, and beating on local gangs, begs to question “how far are we willing to humanize those we deem inhumane?” “At what cost?” Banned for it’s graphic depiction violence and more, this book was well on it’s way to becoming a controversy as well as a cult classic film.

That’s our list. Hope you enjoyed 7 Controversial Books to Shockingly Make it to the Big Screen.

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